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Limited Editions Giclee's  

This gallery of beautiful paintings showcases affordable and collectable giclée Limited Edition reproductions of the actual original size paintings from very talented and renowned artists. For many of you who have started building your personal art portfolio, most of our Limited Edition prints are still available in the low and inaugural release editions. Your print has a great possibility of increasing in value over time and will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Each “Limited Edition” giclée print will have a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). This is a legally binding contract between the artist (gallery) and the purchaser of the giclée print.

All Limited Edition giclée prints will have the following:

1) A secure certificate summarizing the details of the edition, the series number, and information on the original and giclée reproduction.

2) Holographic serial number affixed to the back of the giclée reproduction. This serial number will match the number printed on the actual Certificate of Authenticity.

3) Berkeley Giclee, our gallery printer, in Berkeley, CA will independently monitor all “Limited Edition” sales through their Limited Edition Registry.