About Us

I have a fun, eclectic style and like to try new and creative jewelry making techniques. My background in lapidary and silversmith training serves to help me choose beautiful precious and semi-precious stones and beads to use in my creations. I enjoy combining unusual textures, materials and colors to make appealing jewelry for a variety of tastes and ages. Now I concentrate on designing necklaces, bracelets and earrings for everyday women to wear at day or night, and with a variety of styles of clothing including casual, work or dress.

I design in collections as well as one of a kind for my receiving stores. The collections can be for seasons, such as fall, or for a specific holiday, such as Christmas or Chinese New Year. I have also designed collections that met the specific needs of a store's request, such as a Butterfly Collection or an All Black Collection, which makes me flexible to work with and fun. I have a following of clients who buy my jewelry at each participating store, as well as on my FaceBook store.

I price my jewelry moderately for the average buyer, but I can certainly make more expensive pieces using precious stones, sterling silver, gold, etc. I guarantee my work and make repairs if needed. I provide the jewelry displays for all of my work in locked cases, and my earring displays of dancing women are so popular that I have put them up for sale as well as the earrings. I can individually size necklaces and bracelets to fit larger or smaller wrists and necks, and will do the custom fits when requested.

I believe my vivacious, unique jewelry will be a fantastic addition to your store and I am an energetic, fun, and responsible artist with whom to work. I let my jewelry speak for itself as it sells on your shelves.