Giclée Printing

The key to buying a giclée print reproduction lies in the digital capture of the original image. The new technology enabling stunning reproductions has changed the art world. The digital fine art capture of Alicia’s original paintings was performed by the well known company, Berkeley Giclée, located in Berkeley, California. This east bay company, started in 1997 by President Tony Molatore, M.A., is the preferred choice of professional artists, photographers, and publishers. Tony’s team at Berkeley Giclée has many years of experience in artwork photography, digital file preparation, and printing. The Better Light Scanback is the cornerstone of their large format digital system.
This instrument creates an interpolated file up to 275 megabytes in 16 bit color space. As the name implies, the Better Light’s digital scanning process does not capture an image of the painting in front of the camera all at once. It occurs by physically moving a unique, highly-optimized trilinear color image sensor smoothly across the image plane, building up the image one line per color at a time. This large format digital camera system offers impeccable quality that is unreachable by film, even 8x10 transparencies. The first eighteen digital captures of Alicia Stonebreaker’s artwork were completed here in November 2010.

About Our Prints

Our giclée prints are produced on high quality archival art paper and offered in four sizes. They are awesome and you will love your giclée artwork. Clear, deep, crisp, a mirror of the original artwork colors. The texture from the original looks almost 3D on the giclée print. A great addition to your artwork collection.

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